Ghana School of Law SRC provides facts on their SRC President’s Resignation

Philemon Laar
Philemon Laar

The Executive Council of the Ghana School SRC has responded to the force resignation of their SRC President Philemon Laar’s.

According to them, the Management of the Ghana School of Law has no right to forcefully ask the SRC President to resign because they are guided by a working documents thus; a constitution that, regulates the activities of the SRC.

They indicated that, the decision by the Ghana School of Law Management to withdraw its recognition of Mr. Philemon Laar as SRC President and to refrain from dealing or engaging with the SRC till he resigns was communicated to the Executive Council in a letter dated 02/02/2021.


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In response to the letter the SRC strongly resisted this position that in as much as we are working with Management for the betterment of the students of Ghana School of Law, the President of the SRC cannot be forced to resign or be removed by an administrative fiat.

“The students of Ghana School of Law in the exercise of our constitutional right to form an association adopted and enacted a constitution regulating the affairs of the SRC which are to be complied with in strict accordance.”

“The students elected for themselves Mr. Laar as President and leader of the SRC in accordance with the provisions of the SRC Constitution. Thus, in ensuring good governance and safeguarding the interest of the students at all times such decisions can only be made in accordance with the laid down processes of our SRC Constitution. That is, if we the students of Ghana School of Law are minded to do so.”

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“Furthermore, in the interest of fairness and natural justice Mr. Philemon Laar must be allowed to continue his functions as President of the SRC till the results of the remarking process are published by the Independent Examinations committee. Neither the SRC Executives nor the student body can act in a manner that is either in breach of the SRC Constitution and/or prejudicial or maliciously causing irreparable harm to Mr. Philemon Laar.”


“The SRC stood in solidarity with Mr. Philemon Laar and remained committed to our position in all subsequent meetings with Management whenever this issue was raised.”

“We never wavered even when Management notified us that they will not release any funds to the SRC till we comply with their decision. This is because we knew there is no written policy or established practice of the school under which Management can rely on to withhold any funds due the SRC for the same reasons stated in their letter.”

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“The position of the SRC is that neither the conditions stipulated in our SRC Constitution has been satisfied to warrant the withdrawal of recognition of Mr. Philemon Laar as SRC President by Management since he currently awaits the results of his application for remarking.”

“That notwithstanding, Mr. Philemon Laar insisted on tendering his resignation because he believes that is the best decision for the SRC and for which we could not force him go against his personal decision. The SRC has accepted his decision to step down from his role as the President of the SRC.”

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“The SRC wishes to express its gratitude to him for his selfless service to the student body and wishes him the very best in his
future endeavours.”

In safeguarding the interest of all students, the Executive Council will engage all other stakeholders of the SRC on the way forward. Any decision reached will be communicated promptly



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