Ghana TVET staff educated on how to optimize spine and nervous system


The Ghana Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) staff has been enrolled on how to optimize the spine and the Nervous System.

The education was done by Oak Wellness Hub,  a body that is made of rehabilitative facility and Rehab services. The rehabilitative service is responsible for Chiropractic whilst the rehab services serve massage, physiotherapy and aqua therapy.

This education was handled by two members of the Wellness Center Mawuli Gbormekor and Fredrick Sey who are staff of the wellness Center.

Mr. Mawuli made it clear to the TVET staff that, each gender has a number of liters of water that must be taken within a day.

As the body is been made up of about 70% of water, females are to take 3.2 liters whilst the males are to take 3.5 liters. This helps the body to be hydrated everyday.


The human spine consists of thirty-three (33) bones. This bones are known to be called the vertebrae. He also educated the staff members that, it’s the bones that sees to the safety of the spinal cord since the it’s the main channel for communication between the body and the brain.

He ended his health talk with an important notice. He made it clear that everyone should take care of their spine because the spine can never be transplanted.


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