GHS honours Dr. Letsa for inspirational and selfless leadership; Outlines his roles in Covid-19 fight

Dr. Yao Archibald Letsa
Dr. Yao Archibald Letsa

The Volta Regional Minister Designate Dr. Yao Archibald Letsa has been honoured for inspirational and selfless leadership in the Volta region.

On this 25th Day of February 2021, the Volta Regional Health Directorate in a citation signed by Dr. Anthony Adofo-Ofosu, the Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Health Service has bestowed on Dr. Yao Archibald Letsa this rare honor for “the inspirational and selfless leadership provided to the Volta Region’s good people in a moment of significant need”

According to the Ghana Health Service, in the year 2020, the Volta Region suffered it fair share of disruption to its normal way of life due to the covid-19. “As the Regional Minister, the responsibility of chairing the Volta Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee was thrust on you.”


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A citation in recognition to the Regional Minister said, “after a year of reflection, we can confidently say that, you gave meaning to the pirase “Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man”

“You led a multi-sectorial team revolving around the Health Service to mount a most formidable public health response. You went beyond and above your core responsibilities as a Chairman of the Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee to sign ficantly impact the Volta Region’s pandemic response.”

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Notable among your many personally driven accomplishment are;

• Facilitating the establishment of a Regional Treatment Centre in record time.

• The facilitation of establishment of the establishment of the University of Health and Allied Sciences Covid-19 testing centre.

• Securing a 48 Well PCR Machine with the collaboration of the Volta Regional Members of Parliament Caucus. The addition of this equipment exponentially increase the testing center’s capacity to meet the enormous demand at the time.

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• Intervening to secure a comfortable temporal accommodation who were affected in the course of duty.

Thus far, the success story in the management of covid-19 in the Volta region cannot be told without your sterling, infectious and outstanding leadership in the moment of crisis.

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The District Health Directorate and many others can bear testimony on how you tailor-measured and razor sharp instructions spurred the District Chief Executives and other Governmental Agencies’ Leaders to replicate the same dedication and commitment towards the fight againat covid-19.

“Your willingness and readiness to support knew no bounds as you responded to our distress calls from dust to down. You were in trenches with us, and you literally sacrificed your life for the comfort of your people.” The citation captured.

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The Volta Regional Health Directorate again said, “Despite being a stickler to all safety protocols, it took the grace of the Almighty to release you from the icy grips of covid-19 when you had your personal encounter with the virus in the line of duty.”

“As a Health Worker, and former Volta Regional Director of Health Service, we are proud to associate with you. We are eternally grateful to you because you demonstrated unadulterated loyalty to the Health Service and the people of the Volta Region when it mattered most.”

Below is the citation presented to Dr. Yao Archibald Letsa.



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