GNAT announces date for Local GNAT conferences


The leadership of GNAT has announced the date slated for Local GNAT Conferences this year, 2023.

It was announced at the GNAT Council meeting that between the month of February and April 2023, they will organize the Local GNAT Conferences.

The binding legal framework of GNAT stated clearly what the Local GNAT Conferences are mandated to involve in made submissions among other functions bestowed under their reach.


Below is the extract of the guiding legal framework of GNAT that spoke extensively about Local GNAT Conferences.

The Local Conference shall:

(5) (a) Receive and collate reports, resolutions, and matters from the Basic Units.

(b) Discuss and decide matters of common interest to all members in the Local Branch and other matters referred to it by the Local and District Executives of the Association.


(c) Submit resolutions arising there from to the District Conference through the District Executive.

(d) Make recommendations to the Regional Council for re-delineation by merger or division of the Local Branch through the District Executive

(e) Elect Local Executive members:

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and seven other members representing Basic Schools, Senior High Schools, Technical Institutions, Colleges of Education, Educational Administration, GNAT-LAS and Youth Co-ordinator.

(f) Elect delegates to the District Conference as under Article 13(2) C.

(g) Appoint the following sub-committees:

(i) Education and Professional Development;

(ii) Salaries and Conditions of Service;

(iii) Finance and Administration

(iv) Socio-Economic, Political, and Gender Issues;

(v) Youth Committee;

(vi) Ad-hoc Committee as and when necessary.



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