Government hides fiscal insensitivities in 2023 Budget from the public – Sampson Tagbor 

Sampson Tagbor Nukunu
Sampson Tagbor Nukunu

A communications team member of the National Democratic Congress who doubled as the Volta Regional Deputy Communications aspirants Sampson Tagbor Nukunu says President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s Government hides fiscal insensitivities in the 2023 Budget and Economic Policy from the public which was presented by Ken Ofori-Atta during a crucial game between Ghana Black Stars and Portugal.

According to him, the only reason the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was elected to present the 2023 Budget Statement and economic policy on 24th of November 2022, is that, the Ghana Black Stars will be playing at exactly 4:00pm.

He explained that, Government has therefore hide all the fiscal insensitivities and bad policy directions from the public, knowing that the eyes of Ghanaians are glued to the outcome of the match involving the Ghana Black Stars and the Portuguese national team, so they won’t bother to delve into the details of the budget statement as of immediate.



Sampson Tagbor believed that, the NPP is going to arrange the media to focus discussions on the outcome of the foot ball game involving the Black Stars. Two possible outcomes are the eventual possibilities; a win or lose offered to the Black Stars.

He disclosed that, “if it’s a WIN, let the MEDIA continue to praise the Black Stars for a historic announcement of the African continent at the World Cup, since Ghana will be the first African country to have scored and won a game at the ongoing tournament.”

“That’s historic and like every human being, we would love to long celebrate this achievement. So we don’t care that much about what is detailed in the budget. The media will do this magic for the NPP yeh!”

“If it’s a LOSE outcome, still the media must join the court of public opinion in lauding and amplifying who is being crucified, blamed and called out for the inability of the black stars to kiss their first victory. In this regards too, the media is in charge of executing that agenda”


“We may want to get back after days to discuss the details of the budget, but unfortunately there is a different situation orchestrated by the NPP government to get Ghanaians jaw-jawing and hobnobbing around, and at the same time, the economy policy is in its full execution. What is left is a PR control over the excesses and open misgivings associated with the budget, trust the NPP to contain that.”


“Our MPs must hold government tight to conversations on the budget from now till the joy or grief over the outcome of today’s Black Stars game is over”

“Our Communicators from this afternoon, must warn Media houses to be weary over the possibility of the media playing games for the government; focusing on the Black Stars more than initiating conversations around the details of the budget”


“1. The days ahead shall be exceedingly tough and difficult than we have today”

“2. Appointees and government machineries should reduce their usual and deliberate wastages under their supervisions. Good news, but not enough!”

“3. IMF is now in full control of the economy of Ghana and their surest path to coming out of the current unhealthy economy is by overburdening Ghanaians and denying them any immediate hope of finding a greener pasture with government as the employer. “

“Tough times ahead  but these are realities Ghanaians must know first, before any grammar and vocabulary dexterity to justify or speak to anything”

“I hope the opposition is able to communicate effectively and efficiently for others to listen and act, and not just for themselves to feel good when they listened more to themselves.” Sampson Tagbor explained.



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