Government to continue payment of 15% COLA until Base Pay negotiation is concluded

Bright Wireko Brobbey

Bright Wireko Brobbey

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Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations Bright Wireko Brobbey has disclosed that government will continue to pay 15 percent of the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) until they finalize their negotiations on 2023 Base Pay of Public Sector Workers.

Yesterday, 10th January, 2023 negotiations with the government team was adjourned after the government team moved upwards to 20% for Base Pay and Organised Labour presented 50%.

The meeting ended with incomplete negotiations from the side of the government team but Organised Labour believes the next engagement will yield the best talk.

After adjourning the meeting, the Deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations Bright Wireko Brobbey was engaged by the media where he disclosed that government will continue to pay the 15% Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) until they finalize negotiations.


Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) invited representatives of the Government Team, Labour Unions/Association, and the Security Services for a scheduled meeting on 10th January, 2023 where they negotiated for the eighth (8th) time on Base Pay.

Earlier, the Base Pay was negotiated to a point where the Government moved upwards to 18% and the Organised Labour also negotiated 58%.

Yesterday, 10th January, 2023 at the meeting, the Government team pushed upwards with their negotiations where they made a 2% increment meaning, at the meeting, they agreed on 20% Base Pay.

However, Organised Labour presented 50% as their new request with the justification of helping to reach the best negotiations.

Due to low percent negotiations, the meeting has been adjourned to Wednesday, 11th January, 2023 for another negotiation with high hope for the best.

From the lens of the Deputy Labour Minister, it is evident that they are not delighted with the turns government is making on the issue of Base Pay since the inception of their negotiations till date.



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