GRA announces transfers that are excluded from E-Levy charges

Filed photo of people transacting Mobile Money (MoMo) business
Filed photo of people transacting Mobile Money (MoMo) business

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will commence the deduction of the 1.5% Electronic Transfer Levy (E-levy) charges effective 1st May, 2022.

Management of GRA ahead of the full implementation of the Policy has outlined transfers that are excluded from the E-levy everyone needs to know.

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Below are the transfers that are excluded from the E-Levy

What transfers are NOT covered by the E-Levy?

1. Cumulative transfer of GH¢100 per day made by the same person using mobile money: Everyone will be able to send up to GH¢100 a day without paying the Levy.

2. Transfer between accounts owned by the same person: If you are sending money to your own account, you will not be charged the E-Levy provided your bank or mobile money accounts are linked with your Ghana Card.

For example, a transfer from Kofi’s AirtelTigo wallet to his MTN wallet or from his Fidelity bank account to his Prudential bank account or from his CalBank savings account to his current or investment account will not attract the Levy because Kofi has linked all accounts with his Ghana Card.

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3. Transfers for the payment of taxes, fees, and charges: Any payment of taxes, fees or charges made using the platform or other designated Government of Ghana payment systems will not attract the Levy.

4. Electronic Clearing of Cheques: Clearing of cheques by banks and Specialised Deposit-taking Institutions such as savings and loans companies, etc. will not attract the Levy.

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5. Specified Merchant Payments: Transfers made through a payment service (mobile money, bank application, FinTech, etc.) to a commercial establishment which is registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority for the purposes of Income Tax or Value Added Tax are excluded.

6. Transfers between principal, agent, and master-agent accounts: To avoid charging the Levy multiple times, transfers among principal, agent, and master-agent are excluded from the Levy.




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