Gregory Da Silva Biography, Age, Education, Wife, Children, Achievements

Gregory Da Silva is a popularly known by his record breaking-hat which is made of thousands of eggs (1,000). Gregory was born on 8th July, 1979, in Cotonou (Benin).

Gregory Da Silva Educational Background

Gregory who is popularly known as the Eggman got his enrollment in Computer Science in one of the universities.

After Gregory got educated in computer science, Gregory join one theater group called the “Voix de l’Esprit”. This group is based in Benin.

Gregory Da Silva Wife and Children

Many people are speculating that Gregory has a beautiful wife and children. Moreover, from research, the Guinness Book of World Records breaker has not open up on his family information. Hence there’s no record on the net based on his family.


Gregory Da Silva Achievements

Gregory after different media interviews, movies, and advertisements made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Gregory spent three (3) days in putting together Seven hundred Thirty-five (735) eggs to his hat.

Also, after he was done with his hat, Gregory wore the hat and then balanced it with his head. Doing this, his name was added to the Guinness Book of World Records.

This 43 year old man after his encounter with Guinness Book of World Records became so popular. He began trend on the internet immediately Guinness Book of World Records posted him on their instagram page.



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