Who is Halima Cissé? Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Nationality, Net worth

Malian woman gives birth to 9 children in a single delivery
Malian woman gives birth to 9 children in a single delivery


Halima Cissé is 25-year-old mother who gave birth to nonuplets. Halima was born on the 21st March, 1996 in Timbuktu a city located in Mali.

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Halima Cissé Children


Halima Cissé has been blessed with children after her marriage to her lovely husband Adjudant Kader Arby at Mali. Halima have ten (10) children in total.

Moreover, before her nonuplets, she already had a beautiful daughter. Halima Cissé gave birth to her nonuplets prematurely at 30 weeks.

Halima Cissé after going for scanning, the doctor detected seven (7) babies but later turned out to be nine (9) babies.

Also, the interim President Bah Ndaw also extended his support to Halima. The Noble president ordered the Government of Mali to transport the pregnant woman to Casablanca, a city in Morocco.


Halima Cissé Husband

Halima Cissé is known to be Married to a military officer named Adjutant Kader Arby. Halima and Kader after dating for a while they decided to tie the knot. On 22nd December, 2017, these lovely couple got married

Halima Cissé Nationality

Halima Cissé a mother of the nonuplets is a citizen of Mali by birth, she was born in a city in Mali called Timbuktu.

Net worth

The Malinia nonuplets mother Halima Cissé is said to be one of the richest women in Mali. Halima Cissé currently has no record on any of her source of incomes or annual salary.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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