Hohoe: Residents clash with police in Godenu; 3 feared dead, police vehicle set ablaze

Police clash at Hohoe
Police clash at Hohoe

Tensions are escalating in the village of Godenu, situated near Hohoe in the Volta Region, following an alleged incident involving the police.

Reports indicate that the police opened fire on residents, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of three individuals and multiple injuries.

The incident transpired on the morning of August 30, 2023, when law enforcement officers attempted to apprehend a man suspected of possessing Indian hemp sourced from his own farm.

The situation took a tragic turn as the individual managed to flee on his motorcycle and seek refuge within one of the village’s houses.

Allegedly, the police responded with indiscriminate gunfire, causing the loss of three lives and leaving numerous residents wounded. Additionally, it’s been reported that the police set fire to all visible motorbikes at the scene.

Responding to this distressing event, some angered villagers purportedly set fire to one of the four police vehicles as an act of retaliation.

The wounded victims are currently receiving medical care at local hospitals, while the deceased have been transferred to the morgue.

The Member of Parliament representing the area has been briefed about the incident, prompting the initiation of a police investigation.

Also, many residents have opted to stay indoors and avoid the risk of gunfire. One resident, Francis Kakraba, shared his account of the ordeal with citinewsroom.com, stating, “Around 10:00 AM, I heard gunshots and hurriedly went outside. There was chaos, with people crying out in distress.

Allegedly, the police, after failing to apprehend a farmer returning from his field suspected of carrying Indian hemp, arrived in the community and began firing.

Some of their vehicles caught fire during the altercation. Numerous injuries were sustained, and lives were tragically lost.”

The incident has triggered a surge of anger among the village inhabitants, who are vehemently demanding justice for the victims.

Additionally, they are rallying against police brutality in their locality, calling for an end to such unacceptable conduct.


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