How to confirm BECE Placement: BECE placement process: BECE placement cut off point

BECE placement checker
BECE placement checker

How to confirm BECE Placement

Individuals have the luxury of opportunity to verify and confirm their schools of placement once the BECE Placement is released.

Individuals can follow the steps below to confirm their BECE Placement

1. Visit the verification and confirmation portal at

2. Login with index number and date of birth

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3. Complete final process to verify and confirm BECE school placement.

BECE placement process

The BECE Placement procedure is a one that offers candidates a school of their choice, based on their aggregates.

The system works in such a way that, it offers students one of the schools they selected during the school selection process, once their results befits any of such choice.

For instance, if a student gets aggregate 8, the system will try placing him/her in the first choice. Once the first choice is not available (due to the fact that, others with better results have filled up the school), the system will move to the next choice.

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The process continues as such untill the student gets one of the schools he/she selected.

Students who were not able to get any of the schools they selected during the school selection, due to aggregates, would have to do self placement.


BECE placement cut off point

The cut off point for a pass in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is aggregate 45. However, to get placed in a school of your choice, individuals must obtain an aggregate of 30 or better.

CSSPS Verification and Confirmation Portal for 2021 BECE candidates

Individuals with aggregates above 30 may have to do a self placement to a school from a list of available ones.



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