How to do self training on teachers TM1 laptops

1TMI Laptop

TMI Laptop

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Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) teachers who have received their TM1 laptops are entreated to follow the link and the steps below to do self-training.

1. Launch your browser preferably Microsoft Edge/ Google Chrome.

2. Enter the address ( the katon home page will open.

3. Click on SIGN UP you will see create account page.

4. Fill all necessary fields and SIGN UP.

5. Wait then for a txt message that contain your login ID and password.

6. Use the login ID and password to SIGN IN.
After you sign in your name then appears at the sign in column.

7. Now click on COURSES.

8. When you click on courses will see BUILDING CAPACITY LIVE STREAMING METHODS.

9. Scroll down to see COMPUTER TRAINING and click on DETAILS.
When you click on details you will see NEW WAYS OF EDUCATION LIVE STREAMING METHOD.S

10. Scroll down and click on VIEW TRAINING RESOURCES in the middle.

11. You will see a Goodwill Message from DG GES automatically selected with a video interface waiting for you to play.

12. Start the training by playing the video

13. You have to play all the videos from Computer Basics to Introduction to Ms Teams.

14. You will see a NEXT button at the top of the video to help you move to the next video.

15. After you finish the last video which is Introduction to Ms Teams you will see a Congratulatory message telling you how successfully you completed your Coursework for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Skill Acquisition to Teachers.

16. Click on download Attestation Form and download it.

17. Print it, Fill it and Sign it

18. Scan the printed filled and signed Attestation Form back on to your computer

19. Upload the Attestation Form using the UPLOAD SIGNED FORM column

20. Now wait forever your 30 questions test for your certificate

For further clarification, contact the District ICT Coordinator on 0242714188 / 0557495242.

Kindly inform those concerned but are not on this platform.



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