How to register for National Teaching Council (NTC) License

Filed photo of University graduates
Filed photo of University graduates

Teachers are advised to register at the National Teaching Council’s Teachers Portal to build portfolios towards accruing Continuous Professional Development and licensing.

The portal is designed to assist teachers to get access to accredited training programs and build portfolio to fulfil their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan and manage their teacher license all in one place.

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1. Go to https// via a web browser on a PC or smartphone.

2. Click “Register Now” to create an account or log in to an existing account.

3. Select “Teacher” as account type.

4. Fill in details and submit.

5. A message will be sent to teacher through his/her e-mail.

6. Open your email browser tab.

Reasons Licensure Examination was introduced by NTC ||Richard Sarpong||

7. Check your email for a confirmation link from NTC TPG. If you do not see this in your inbox, check your spam folder and report it as “not spam” to receive it in your inbox.

8. Scan and upload first professional certificate and first appointment letter.

9. Click “Complete Registration” in the email received.

10. Fill in all required information

11. Make payment for the license online via mobile money, VISA or MasterCard bank cards (for Private School Teachers)

NTC recommended activities for Continuous Professional Development of Teachers

12. Your account will be pending activation from NTC (a message will be sent to the teacher if the right documents are not uploaded).

13. Logout and remember to keep your account credentials safe.
At the Point of Issuance of License
Teachers in a particular district:

a. Will be required to meet NTC team at designated points within their circuits.

b. Will go through the biometric process and pick their license.

c. Will sign the license collection form and start planning for renewal.

Graduate teachers to pay GH¢600 for NTC Licensure Exams remarking

d. The license will expire after three years

After Licensing, What Next?

• The license is valid for 3 years within which the teacher should work towards renewal.

After receiving the license, the teacher must observe 3 domains in the Teachers’ Standards. These are;

1. Professional Values and Attitude

2. Professional Knowledge

3. Professional Practice

NOTE: GES teachers who cannot verify their Staff ID or SSNIT should send their payslip, SSNIT ID and scanned first appointment letter to



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