Requirements for Renewal of National Teaching Council License

Sample NTC License for teacher
Sample NTC License for teacher

The National Teaching Council (NTC) was established by the Education Act 2008 (ACT 778). Its mandate was detailed out in the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020 (Act 1023), which also cover other regulatory bodies.

The Council has outlined procedures on how to license teachers and renewal of the license.

According to the National Teaching Council, every teacher shall renew their license every 3 years.


How to register for National Teaching Council (NTC) License

To retain the license, a teacher must earn the stipulated minimum credit points of the current rank within 3 years prior to renewal date.

However, teachers are required to meet one-third of their training points in a year to determine their professional standing status for a particular year.

Teachers are advised to continue to participate in PD programmes after earning the minimum credit points.

Categories of Teachers to be Licensed by National Teaching Council

This will help teachers to be abreast of current trends and have comparative advantage over colleagues should it come to selection for Ghana Teacher Prize and any other selection processes where PD points can be used as a determiner.


PD programme covers annual conferences of registered teachers, workshops, seminars, and training on curricular knowledge, School Based INSET (SBI), Cluster Based INSET (CBI) and Departmental Based INSET (DBI) as well as other training programmes approved by the NTC. Teachers must access these programmes at  institutions certified by NTC.



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