Involving churches in COVID-19 bans is good; some “men of God” are so misleading – Franklin Cudjoe

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The country (Ghana) over a period now has had fingers being pointed at missionaries working to win souls for Christ, due to the works of some who claim to be as much as angels of God and give some remedies to their followers. These practices have gone a long way to impact negatively on them instead of curing, healing or helping them get rid of their predicaments.

Some so called “men of God” who claim to do miracles on TV have seen lots of followers which in one way or the other lead Christians away from their parent churches and creating for themselves “God fathers” on whom they call on whenever they have issues even in their marriages.

One man who seem to have a “headache” from the activities of these acclaimed “men of God” is the founding president of IMANI Africa, a think-tank group, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe.


According to Mr. Cudjoe, listening to a program involving one of such men of God on Adom FM leaves him thanking the government for involving churches in the ban on social gatherings and the lockdown protocols that have been put up in the bid of stemming the outbreak of the virus in the country.

In one of his regular write-ups, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe said that listening to Adom FM, he saw the kind of strange remedies that a pastor who has named himself Dr. Sharp gave to those who called into his show and how he escapes from people who seem to be smarter than him when they call.


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So, I just finished listening to a pastor, ‘Dr. Sharp’ on Adom FM. Callers complain of aches and pains and he provides instant remedies. In some cases, he asks callers to come to his healing base. But some three callers stood out. One complained of ear pains- the pastor recommended he stops eating chicken breast/ chest. Another complained of bodily aches-the pastor recommended she stops sleeping on soft mattresses and head for the floor with her clothes spread out. Yet another caller, said he has severe headaches and makes him feel like smoking weed.- the pastor recommended prayers. Then, wait for this, a lady caller asked ” is this the Doctor’s line?”– the pastor asked his producers to take her off the line.
I now think had coronavirus lock down not included churches, a lot of poor innocent souls would have died from these mercenaries of crass ignorance and religious fundamentalism.– Franklin Cudjoe


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