James Wiseman Biography, Net Worth, Age, Stats, Club, Wife, Children, Parents

James Wiseman Biography, Net Worth, Age, Stats, Club, Wife, Children, Parents
James Wiseman

James Wiseman Biography

James Wiseman is an American basketball player by profession. He was born on 31st March 2001 and was raised in Nashville, Tennessee single-handedly by his mother Donzaleigh Artis.

James Wiseman commenced his basketball career at Memphis University where he played for Memphis Tigers and got drafted by NBA in 2022. Currently, in 2022, James Wiseman is playing for Golden State Warriors and Santa Cruz Warriors holding the center position for both teams.

James Wiseman Height 

James Wiseman has a height of 2.14 meters which is equivalent to 7 feet 0 inches.

James Wiseman Weight 

James Wiseman has a body weight of 109 kilograms which is equal to 240 Ibs.

James Wiseman Nationality 

James Wiseman has an American nationality. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

James Wiseman Age: How old is James Wiseman?

James Wiseman was born on 31st March 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. He is 21 as of 2022.

Name  James Monteinez Wiseman
Date of Birth  31st March 2001
Nationality  American
Spouse  Alana (girlfriend)
Profession  professional Basketball player
Net Worth $5 million approx.                       


James Wiseman Education 

James Wiseman commenced his education at Ensworth school in his birth place Nashville. Along the line, he continued schooling at Memphis East High School after he was transferred. Further, he also attended the University of Memphis.

James Wiseman Wife 

Alana is not the wife of James Wiseman. She is the girlfriend of James Wiseman the basketball player. There is a high hope for their union soon.

James Wiseman Children 

As of December 2022, there is no record of the children of James Wiseman. He has a girlfriend but both lovers have not brought forth a child yet as of 2022.


James Wiseman Parents 

Donzaleigh Artis, the mother is the wife of Stefan Wiseman, the father of James Wiseman. Both parents are the biological parents of James Wiseman but the mother took care of their son on a greater scale.

James Wiseman Siblings 

James Wiseman has a sister by the name Jaquarius Greer. Jaquarius Greer is the sole sister of James Wiseman the basketball player.

James Wiseman Net Worth 

James Wiseman has a net worth of $5 million in estimation from his professional basketball career including other things he does.

James Wiseman Position 

James Wiseman plays center as a position at both Golden States Warriors and Santa Cruz Warriors.

James Wiseman Team 

Since the commencement of James Wiseman’s career in 2020 professionally till date, 2022, he has played for two (2) teams. Before his professional career, he played Memphis Tigers men’s basketball in 2019.

He started professionally at Golden State Warriors in the year 2020 till date, 2022.

The second team in the career journey of James Wiseman is Santa Cruz Warriors. He started playing for them in 2022.

James Wiseman Stats 

James Wiseman Instagram

James Wiseman @bigticket_j13 has a verified Instagram handle with over 619k followers.

Check him out here:

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