John-Peter Amewu deserves to be called a hero in Hohoe Constituency

John-Peter Amewu

John-Peter Amewu

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A group of residents from Hohoe Constituency in the Volta Region says the Minister for Railways Development John-Peter Amewu derves to be called a hero in Hohoe Constituency.

They alluded that, politics is indeed a dirty game and they don’t intend to play Politics with their beautiful agenda of pushing Volta Tourism and Creative Arts forward, but then he who deserves praise must be praised.

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Hohoe ought to celebrate their MP John-Peter Amewu for his patriotic and innovative ideas aimed at transforming Hohoe into a fully blown Urban city with emphasis on its’ Tourism potentials.

They said, John-Peter Amewu as the former Minister of Energy tarred most of the township roads in Hohoe asphalt and made sure every nook and cranny had streetlights. “So come to Hohoe and the roads networks are smooth with working street lights dotted everywhere.” They said.

They have also touted some achievements of John-Peter Amewu including but not limited to;

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1. Establishment of most urban and modern Radio station, including VOV Radio 95.7FM in Hohoe and  infrastructure and equipments installation. VOV Radio is the beauty queen of the airwaves.

2. Building an ultra modern stadium in Hohoe and the project is ongoing steadily and massively.

3. Construction of Tsatsadu Hydro-Electric power plant in Alavanyo which is the first Mini hydro power project in Ghana.

4. Addressed the challenges of network unavailability in Wli and also tarred the road to Wli from Hohoe through Fodome.

“The list of the viable Tourism and community transformational projects John Peter Amewu is engaging in is breathtaking. We are glad we finally have an MP in Volta doing the do and not just talking the talk. Won’t attack the NDC MPs cos we are trying to get everybody on board.”

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“Still in Hohoe, we have realize more people respect the change Amewu is bringing and we guess NDC MPs ought to realize they need to stop cheating the citizens and do something significant to change their “hometowns” like Amewu is doing.” They said.



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