List of churches that do not celebrate Christmas

Filed photo of Deeper Life Bible Church Members
Filed photo of Deeper Life Bible Church Members

Across the world, myriad of Christians participate in the celebration of Christmas annually.

Among the said groups of Christians, they celebrate Christmas annually on a marked date to commemorate the birth of their Messiah Jesus.

In as much as the myriad believers/Christians mark a day for the celebration, other religious groups do not conform to such annual festival celebrations globally.


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1. Some faith-based groups have the mindset of regard every day as a holy day to be celebrated. The church in question is called the Religious Society of Friends as known as Quakers.

2. Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) do not celebrate the global birth of Christ. The religious body/group/denomination thinks the celebration of Christmas is demonic per their faith and teachings, said by their founder Pastor D.K Olukoya.

3. God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) does not celebrate Christmas. Their view is that there is no evidence for the birth of Jesus on 25th December. To them, October is the birth month of Jesus hence it must be celebrated every October.

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4. Deeper life Bible Church is also one of the churches that do not celebrate Christmas. Some years ago, their Head, Pastor W.F Kumuyi made it public that they are not part of the widely known celebrated holiday called Christmas.


An extract from their 2013 retreat throws much light on the topic saying “We don’t celebrate Christmas nor sing Christmas carols; because Christmas is of idolatrous background”.

5. Jehovah Witness. The religious group simply called JW started with the celebration of Christmas but by 1928, they scrapped it out of their activities. It was ruled out after a study described the celebration as “false religious beliefs /or activities”.

6. Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA). To the Adventists, Jesus was not born in December therefore, they can not observe December as the birth month of Christ.

They think Christ will not be happy with the celebration of Christmas. Based on that, He didn’t reveal the day and month to them.

7. Church of Christ. Church of Christ does not celebrate Christmas.

Their non-participation in the celebration of Christmas (25th December) is not about having hatred towards fun and festivities.

To the Church of Christ, 25th December is not the birth month of Christ per their belief and teachings.

In addition, they said 25th December was the original day for the celebration of the pagan god “Sol Invictus “The celebration was referred to as “Birthday of the Sun”.


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