Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area expresses grave concern over indiscriminate installation of chiefs

Togbe Brentua Asafo IV, Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area

Manklalo of the Mafi Traditional Area in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV has expressed grave concern over the indiscriminate installation of chiefs within the Mafi State.

According to him, such unfortunate and uncustomary enstoolments are being perpetrated by a clique of chiefs without the consent of his office which is next to the Paramount Chief according to the organogram of the Mafi State.

Addressing a press conference on the issue at Mafi Kumase, the Manklalo warned that the practice must cease forthwith.


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The Mafi Traditional Area is made up of eight divisions according to the various clans and headed by Head Chiefs who are also Divisional Chiefs. These divisions are Torfi, Gborta, Akorto, Foto, Aklorbor, Aziewa and Toh/Tovie. Out of the structure emerge sub-divisional chiefs, chiefs, sub-chiefs, headmen as well as family heads.

At the apex of the organogram of the Mafi State is the Paramount Chief whose stool is currently being contested by three different personalities.

Next on the organogram is the Manklalo who is not only the second in command in the Mafi Traditional Hierarchy but also in-charge of all chieftaincy matters including the process leading to the enstoolment and the introduction of new chiefs to the Paramount Chief whose position had been vacant for the past twenty-five (25) years.

Akpakulolo Adzimah enstooled as Togbe Kwasinyi Agyemang V, Dufia of Mafi Adidome

The Mafi State also has a Traditional Military Army structure below the Manklalo headed by a Captain who superintends over the leaders of the Three Military Wings (Avanutor) of the Traditional Area.

Addressing the media through a spokesperson, Mr. William Amarteifio, the Manklalo of Mafi, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV accused a number of chiefs and leaders of the Three Military Wings for creating the current chieftaincy mess in the Traditional Area. According to him, the attitude of this clique of chiefs clearly amounts to the usurpation of his administrative function, authority and position by the Mafi Three Military Wing (Avanutor) leaders, adding that the move has led to the collapse of the administrative structure of the Mafi State.

Chieftaincy: Togbe Brentua Asafo IV explains his role as Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area

Togbe Brentua Asafo IV lamented that the role of the Manklalo of Mafi has been hijacked by the clique of chiefs, resulting in sharp divisions not only in the Traditional Area but also among the various chiefs and their subjects.

According o him, the adverse effects of the behaviour of these chiefs and the three military wing leaders whose aim and expectation is to divide Mafi, are enormous and devastating. These negative effects, the Manklalo said include the installation of three (3) Paramount Chiefs by three Torfi sub-clans namely Torfi Bagbe, Torfi
Kekpo and Torfi Asrogboe, the on-going installation of two (2) chiefs in communities such as Amegakope, Mafi Tove, Mafi Avakpedome and Mafi Adidome, feud and disunity in some Mafi communities like Amegakope, Dadoboe, Tove, Avakpedome and many others as well as the elevation of some sub-chiefs to Divisional Chiefs status by the Military Wing leaders from the Gborta and Torfi clans.

The Manklalo regretted that the three Military Wing leaders (Avanutor) have completely disassociated themselves from the Captain of the Mafi Traditional
Military structure as provided in the organogram leading to complete disrespect among chiefs since the traditional hierarchy has been tempered with.

The roles of the Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area hijacked

Touching on the rival installation of chiefs in some Mafi communities, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV noted that chiefs are installed on traditionally accredited stools, adding that what is happening now in Mafi is double installation of chiefs at Mafi Tove and Mafi Avakpedome with the two chiefs bearing the same stool names as Togbe Nyasor Ababio V and Togbe Awudza Adabla XV respectively.

On the introduction of what the Manklalo described as a self-styled Chief of Mafi Adidome, Togbe Kwasinyi Kakaklolo Agyeman V to the group calling itself the
Mafi Military Wing or “Mafi Avanutor” as Chief of Adidome on Saturday, 27th November, 2021 and the group’s subsequent introduction of the same rival chief to the Central Tongu District Chief Executive (DEC) at Adidome on Monday, 6th December, 2021 as administratively and uncustomarily wrong.

Togbe Brentua Asafo IV maintained that all these activities and processes took place without his consent and in violation of the customs and traditions of the
people of Mafi. He emphasized that some three chiefs cannot constitute themselves into ‘Mafi Avanutor’ to receive ‘atam’ on behalf of the Mafi Parmountcy. ‘The group calling itself, ‘Mafi Avanutor’ is uncustomary. It does not have the capacity to receive ‘atam’ on behalf of the Mafi Traditional Area’, the Manklalo pointed out.

He warned that not until the leaders of the Mafi Traditional Area return to the status quo, Mafi is likely to permanently break down into two factions because of the negative activities of this clique of chiefs who are engaged in the installation of parallel chiefs in some Mafi communities aimed at dividing Mafi.

The Manklalo advised the general public and the citizens of Mafi in particular who are in a dilemma about the current state of the Mafi chieftaincy crisis not only to open their eyes but also remain vigilant about the peddling of lies around them. ‘Certain chiefs, who are not accredited wing leaders but have been fraudulently elevated by some members of the so-called ‘Mafi Avenutor’ to those positions, have taken Mafi for a ride.

“We cannot sit down to see them destroy Mafi and reinstitute a new Mafi organogram and a new system of traditional administration in Mafi. Mafi is not at war and does not need the operation of such ‘Avanutor’ wing leaders’, the Manklalo stressed.”

Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman V is the legitimate chief of Mafi Adidome – Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area

Togbe Brentua Asafo IV declared that until all chiefs installed in Mafi passed through the right channel, he would not recognize them as such. He stressed the need for Mafi to unite and come together in order to disregard and undo the injustices going on in the Mafi Traditional Area.

A number of chiefs were present at the presser some of whom also assisted the Manklalo to answer some of the pertinent questions posed by the journalists at the press conference. They included Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman V of Mafi Adidome, Togbe Nyasor Ababio V of Mafi Tove, Togbe Dakpoe III of Mafi Lokokope and Togbe Kutsrakor I of Mafi Agoe. The two oldest chiefs of the Mafi State, Togbe Otumfuor II of Gborkope and Togbe Ayite Duame II of Mafi Dadoboe were also in attendance.

Credit: Akukorku Media Consult


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