Marriage needs education; The repercussions are teary – Counselor Adofoli

Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli
Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Marriage Consult LTD in Ghana, Frank Edem Adofoli commonly known as Counselor Adofoli has shared a kind education about the marriage institution.

Counselor Adofoli stated that polygamy is not adultery that is why they are named differently. He said, “If you are married and sleep or have sex with someone you are not married to, it’s called Adultery and not Polygamy.

Adding, he indicated that, the laws on marriage do not differ from one gender to another. A married man who sleeps with a woman he is not married to commits adultery and vice versa. Such an act shouldn’t be encouraged among people that a tied knot.


He defined marriage life and current related trends that have been normalized (cheating) in couple’s home off late. He explained that “marriage is a voluntary union, it’s not forced and you choose or accept who you want to get married to. When you see the married fight, they chose their own fighting mate.

Further in his explanation, he sighted and instance about married couples saying that “If they are having issues with cheating, it means they chose a cheater. If you hear a someone killed their spouse; he or she chose their killer. People’s choices define them and not marriage as an institute.

With regards to the the two (2) words: Polygamy and Monogamous, Counselor Adofoli made it clear that, Polygamy has not been replaced by Monogamous marriage. Almost all the marriages contracted in Ghana /or Africa were first Polygamy but couples converted it to Monogamy.

He added that due to the nature and split people have cause for marriage, that is why in our part of the world, there are always two wedding ceremonies.

The marriage ceremony have be partitioned into Traditional Marriage (Polygamy) and the Ordinance Marriage (Monogamy).
He also talked about the Muslims way of marriage. With the Muslims, there is Mohammedan Marriage which is also a Polygamous marriage.

However, all the types of marriages have their rules. Unfortunately, people are not honest and are not able to follow the rules. Especially the people who fall under the Ordinance Marriage which is monogamous.

“You cannot have a second wife under the Ordinance Marriage. Sadly we have lots of men who sign up for it, and after breaking the rule by committing Adultery, they go ahead to marry the women they cheated with. And expect their wife to accept that. If she can’t, they are free to go. That is how insensitive and cold men are becoming,” he explained.

Emotionally, the Counselor aired the the teary feeling wives go through when a home wreaker interferes their homes. They (men) have no idea the pains their wives go through. They put their desires above the life of the woman they claimed to love. There are lots of ‘big men’ and ‘small men’ in such acts. The ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ are not left out. The rich and poor are all doing that.



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