‘My [email protected] part is rotting’; SHS graduate narrates how she was rapɛd & seeks medical treatment

Featured image of depressed girl, not the a picture of the rapɛd SHS graduate
Featured image of depressed girl, not the a picture of the rapɛd SHS graduate

A Senior High School graduate (Name with held) has narrated how she was raped by her neighbour who was her friend.

Narrating the story to her friend Jerry Akporhor, a teacher and a counselor, the 22 years old lady has disclosed to him that, she has been rapɛd by her friend. This according to her happened two years ago.

Narrating her ordeal, she said the guy (Name withheld) was so ʋiolent with her to the extent that she was deeply wounded both in the ʋɛgina and anʋs.

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She told counselor that, she has a boyfriend at the time which both of them agreed on no sɛx until marriage. She’s the churchy  type of girl and she has remained a ʋirgin until this rapɛ experience.

According to her narration of the horrible experience, she said the guy who was just a friend living in the neighborhood called her on phone and told her that he was not feeling fine and needed assistance with something.

Unsuspecting, she went as a good Samaritan to help a friend in need. She went and did the things he wanted assistance with.  Few minutes after she left, the guy called her back. This time, as she entered the room, the guy woke up, went to the door and locked it.

He came closer to her and started making sɛxʋal advances. The advances were rejected but he struggled with her and defeated her. The lady is asthmatic so she couldn’t do much of the struggle. She quickly run out of breath and so was was defeated.

The mistake she made was that, she didn’t shout for help.

She says she raised her both legs up and lock them to prevent the guy from having access to her ʋɛgina. She thought this could save her but little did she know that her anʋs was exposed fo the guy to take advantage of. So, the guy use his fingers to penetrated her anʋs and later forced his m anhood into her anʋs.


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The lady said, she felt a sharp pain inside which caused her to release herself. The guy penetrated there a couple of times after which he came to the front to do the main business. At this time, he used his both knees to press her hands on the floor. He was so rough and deep inside her that, she felt her cervix was almost ripping apart.

This horrible act lasted for some minutes. She started blɛɛding so the guy left her. The guy gave her tissue to clean herself up after which she left still blɛɛding. Since then, though the pain has reduced, but it has not stopped. Both the anʋs and ʋɛgina hurts and blɛɛd occasionally. “The Vjay feels like it’s expanding and closing’ she said.

Few days after the act, she experienced some yellow offensive discharge from her ʋɛgina which she bought some medicine to correct.

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The young lady said, she couldn’t have the confidence to shout during the act for the fear of drawing attention to herself. (Sounds illogical though but that’s how she felt at the time)

She didn’t go to the hospital too for the fear that she would be asked what happened and her narration would lead to escalation of the case in town. She just wants to avoid being the talk of the Town. She doesn’t want people to know she has had sɛx especially her parents.

What is even more illogical is this:

She claims she made a promise to herself that the person to break her ʋirginity would be the person she has to marry. She doesn’t want to go against her promise so she wants to force the guy to marry her after defiling her. But upon further reflection, she changed her mind after the guy boasted to her that she is the third girl’s ʋirginity he has broken.

She doesn’t have money to seek medical attention. Meanwhile, her vulva is rotting away. Her anus blɛɛds when she goes to toilet. Her cervix hurts. She needs help. You can contact Jerry Akporhor on 0545775477 for support.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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