National security: Judges will continue to implement laws fairly – Chief Justice

Chief Justice, Kwesi Anin-Yeboah
Chief Justice, Kwesi Anin-Yeboah

The Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana Justice Kwesi Annin Yeboah says, Judges will continue to implement laws fairly to everyone no matter who you are.

Speaking on National Security Strategy, the Chief Justice assured the National Security Council and the public on uniform and fairly implementation of their role as the Judiciary.

Kwesi Anin Yeboah reiterated that, the Judiciary will play their role in implementing the National Security Strategy to enhance the existing national security among others.


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Addressing the media on April 8, 2022, he said, it is in the evolving global situation where threats are manifold and diverse, this is a critical intervention that will make all of us sleep a little better at night.

He also commend the Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah and the Leadership of National Security Ministry for their vision and patriotism to make this possible.

Kwesi Annin Yeboah added that, the Ministry alone can’t execute their plans. They need extra collaborative hands-on-deck to work them out because, an integrated policy requires an integrated approach.

“In light of this, the Ministry is today seeking to engage the judiciary as necessary partners for the successful implementation of the policy.” And the guidance of Law and Justice in our country, I believe this is only right n proper that we are fully engaged in this process,” He emphasised.

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The Chief Justice explained that, indeed, the Ministry has previously involved the Judicial Council and today represents another step in this journey of continues engagement in the collective service of our mother Ghana.

Speaking further, he said, “Mr. Minister, I assure you the Judiciary will play its role as imposed on us by the constitution.”

He called on his colleagues and said “Colleagues, I do not think I have to remind you of the critical role we play in the national security infrastructure. All the threats are in the state of constant evolution. On thing, we need constant and that is the fact that, the law is one of the major tools that we have to use to combat them,”

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Kwesi Annin Yeboah again said, the decisions that are taken by the National Security Council officials must be taken in the light of what is lawful. Where there are conflicts between the rights of individuals and the security of the state.

He believes that, it is the court room that those tensions will be resolved. This is why this interaction is absolutely essential in addressing key issues in public.

“I wish to edge and therefore to comment to this process wholeheartedly and to engage frankly and enthusiastically with officials from the National Security.

“We wish to assure the minister and his team that, we recognised that our partnership is of key significance to our collective survival and we’ll work very close with them to ensure the success of this integrated national security strategy.”




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