National Security threatening to arrest me – Kwesi Atuahene alleges

Kwesi Atuahene
Kwesi Atuahene

Mr. Kwesi Atuahene has alleged that, the National Security is threatening to deal with him following his media engagement.

According to him, he has received calls from someone identifying as National security, a while ago, threatening that, if he continues speaking on the illegalities perpetuated at the just NUGS congress, “he will be arrested and hit in the stomach. Those were his words” He disclosed.

Atuahene added that, earlier in the day, on his interview on Metro TV,  Dennis Appiah Larbi-Ampofo said very clearly that, if he [Kwesi Atuahene] sees him, he should run. Kwesi Atuahene noted that, whatever that means he does not know.


TTAG issues statement of disclaimer on NUGS elections

Reacting to the alleged threat from the National Security, Kwesi Atuahene unequivocally stated that, he won’t be intimidated today or any other day from speaking to the issue of students and of his good conscience.

Kwesi Atuahene was announced President elect via NUGS official Twitter page on 2nd April, 2022.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of NUGS has also announced a contrary election results via NUGS official Facebook page at the 56th Annual Congress of NUGS.

TTAG dissociates itself from congratulatory message to Dennis Appiah Larbi-Ampofo

The declarations of the two persons have since created misunderstanding and confusion at the NUGS leadership front.

Most Ghanaian students across the country and abroad are worried at the moment regarding the NUGS elections held GNAT Village, Ejusi.

Students and a section of the public said, they do not know who is the legimate NUGS President elect.

VIDEO: Supporters of Kwesi Atuahene celebrate his victory as NUGS President elect

In the midst of the confusion, the two personalities, Kwesi Atuahene and Dennis Appiah Larbi-Ampofo are carrying themselves as National President elect for NUGS.



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