NCA Put off the Signal of ABUSUA FM when I was about to Speak at the Radio Station (+Video) – John Dramani Mahama

John Dramani Mahama speaks on NCA
John Dramani Mahama
The Presidential Candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama says the National Communications Authority, NCA is sabotaging some radio and Television stations in the country.

According the National Democratic Congress’ Presidential candidate, the current New Patriotic Party administration has packed the National Communications Authority with their party faithfuls who are not doing what the law requires of them but are only doing the bidding of their Party, the New Patriotic Party.

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John Dramani Mahama further added that, the country’s telecommunications system has deteriorated but instead of the NCA to focus on addressing such issues, they are just closing down Radio and Television stations across the country.

John Dramani Mahama further alleged that, the National Communications Authority put off the signals of a Radio Station in the country because he (John Dramani Mahama) was going to speak at the Radio Station.

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According to John Dramani Mahama, he was scheduled for an interview on ABUSUA 96.5 FM in Kumasi which was widely advertised but before the time for the interview, the National Communications Authority put off the signal of the Radio Station and the interview had to moved to ultimate FM.

John Dramani Mahama speaking in an interview said,

I was going to aAbusua fm, and we had advertised the program to start at 8:00am and just before 8:00 am, the put of their signals and so I couldn’t do the program on Abusua fm and they had to shift the interview to ultimate FM.

I’ve heard the story of Joy FM and they were going to air that Investigative report on National Lotteries and they put their signal off.

Watch the Interview During which John Dramani Mahama alleged that the National Communications Authority put off the signal of ABUSUA FM just as he was going to speak on the Station below.





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