Electoral Commission defends their Decision to Publish the Voter’s Register

Mrs. Jean Mensa, Electoral Commission chairperson
Mrs. Jean Mensa, EC chairperson
The Electoral Commission has defended it’s decision to publish the names on the newly compiled Voter’s Register.

The Electoral Commission a few days ago published the voters register using Google drive which many Citizens and IT say is  dangerous and breaches the country’s laws on data protection.

However, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Mrs Jean Mensah argues that their decision to publish the voters register is within the Commission’s right.

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According Mrs. Jean Mensah, their decision to publish the voters register is supported by the laws of Ghana because, the Constitutional Instrument 127 gives the Commission the mandate to publish the New Voter’s Register in any way and manner the Electoral Commission deems fit.

Speaking during a Press Conference, Mrs. Jean Mensah said,

The Register that was put out, we’re enjoined by law to publish the voters register, indeed, CI 127 requires that the provisional voter’s register is published on our website. That same law states that the final register is published in a manner which the Commission deems fit.


We’re well aware that the I’d card has come to be used for other activities but for the Commission’s point of view, that card is provided for voting purposes only.

And in this era of transparency, and openness, the Commission believes that it is important for them to publish the register and that’s why the register was published to enable citizens check their details.

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Mrs. Jean Mensah also said; When it was published, there were some issues with the functionality of the format in which it was published so the IT was called to include and introduce systems into it to make it more functional.

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh

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