Prof. Honyenuga discloses top challenges confronting the Ghanaian Teacher [+VIDEO]

Professor Ben Q. Honyenuga
Professor Ben Q. Honyenuga

The Vice Chancellor of Ho Technical University (HTU) Professor Ben Q. Honyenuga has disclosed some top challenges confronting the Ghanaian Teacher in the 21st century.

He believes that, the key challenges affecting teachers in the teaching profession are not secret to stakeholders in Education and Government.

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Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 6th Quadrennial (53rd) Regional Delegates’ Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) held in Ho, on Tuesday, 10th August, Prof. Ben Q. Honyenuga said, as a teacher himself, he fully understand the challenges of his follow teachers and wish to indicate without any shadow of doubt that they can be resolved within the short to medium term if Government and all Stakeholders do the needful.

He added that, it is interesting to note that we live in a world in which award schemes for beauty pageants and reality shows are ridiculously better than awards schemes of teachers. Further, all key decision makers in the world with the mandate to positively influence and enhance out welfare and fortunes were trained and nurtured by Teachers. This calls for some introspection on all fronts because a deeper understanding of the critical role of the Ghanaian Teacher in the socio-economic and developmental issues of the nation ought to trigger quicker actions in addressing their concerns. Teaching is a noble profession but it does not mean we must be paupers.


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The renowned Professor has outlined the following challenges confronting the Ghanaian teachers across the country.

1. Poor Conditions of Service.

2. Delays in Staff upgrades and promotions.

3. Complex bureaucracies in addressing staff issues.

4. Poor accommodation facilities.

5. Poor infrastructural facilities at some schools.

6. Low morale.

7. Poor infrastructure and ventilation systems in some overcrowded classroom expose teachers and students to the spread of the virus and other airborne and contagious diseases.

8.. Transportation challenges with the introduction of the Licensure Exams among many others.

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“Interestingly, it is often said that “a Teacher’s reward is in Heaven”. In as much as this statement could be inspirational, it is silent on how the Teacher should survive on earth. In fact, access to quality health care, good food, descent accommodation, and appreciable by living conditions among many others cannot be relegated to the background for a reward which could be elusive especially where going to Heaven is not a preserve of only teachers.” He explained.




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