Prof Gyampo supports Mahama’s proposal to cancel Teacher Licensure Exams

Ransford Gyampo Yaw

Ransford Gyampo Yaw

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The University of Ghana, Legon’s Lecturer Professor Ransford Gyampo has supported John Mahama’s proposal to cancel the Teacher Licensure Examination.

Over the weekend, the 2024 flagbearer for NDC, John Dramani Mahama under his “Building Ghana Tour” proposed that his next administration will cancel the Teacher Licensure Examination.

Varied views were shared on the topic where the CEO of IMANI, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe stood against the proposal John Mahama made.

The University of Ghana (UG) lecturer Prof. Gyampo, in a post, disagreed with IMANI CEO by sharing his views and supporting John Mahama’s proposal.

“I respectfully disagree with my good friend Franklyn Cudjoe of IMANI, and support the proposal to cancel the Teacher Licensure Exams. Clearly, the type of education that train Teachers is faulty and must be fixed. But this can be internally done.

The way to go is not to introduce another layer of exam. On the contrary we must review the curriculum and Training College exams for the purposes of addressing their identified deficiencies.

We are fond of creating new structures to deal with old problems that can be dealt with, by overhauled existing structures. Even when we have the opportunity to overhaul existing structures to make them work, we would want to easily develop “useless new solutions” that do not solve problems.

That’s how come we are always looking for new foreign coaches for the Black Stars, even though we know that the problems are within, and that, a serious overhaul of existing structures with a view to ensuring that our real talents and not “bribed talents” get to play, would revolutionarize football in Ghana.

Again, that’s how come we have gone to create a highly incompetent “eye service” office of Special Prosecutor, instead of overhauling the prosecutorial powers of the Attorney General to ensure that it is effective in prosecuting all, regardless of partisan coloration.

Ghana’s 1992 Constitution is more voluminous than the US Constitution. It has provisions that deals virtually with all aspects of our lives. But we are always looking for new laws to solve problems. The whole nation is 75 percent “churchical” and we have huge Cathedrals almost everywhere in the country. But we still want to build a National Cathedral to solve some “manufactured problems”.

The solution to the problems we face as a country are known. We need not, for very crude and sometimes corrupt reasons, create new “useless solutions” when we haven’t interrogated and fully made use of the existing structures that have better potency to deal with our challenges.



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