Queen Elizabeth II Biography, Age, Net worth, Children, Husband, Country, Leadership

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of the United Kingdom is Elizabeth II popularly known as Queen Elizabeth. She is the queen of the United Kingdom and ruled 14 other Commonwealth realms until she passed on in September 2022.

Queen Elizabeth was born as the first child to the Duke and Duchess of York. Elizabeth became heir to the throne after her father was crowned in 1936 upon the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII.

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Queen Elizabeth Age/How old is Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth was born on 21st April, 1926. She turned 96 in April, 2022.

Queen Elizabeth Country

Queen Elizabeth is from the United Kingdom. She was born in MayFair in the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth Husband

Queen Elizabeth was married to Prince Philip who was the Duke of Edinburg. They were married from 1974 till his demise in 2001.

Queen Elizabeth children

Queen Elizabeth had four children. Charlse, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, Anne, princess royal, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Queen Elizabeth leadership

Queen Elizabeth is the longest serving Monarch in the United Kingdom. She was coronated in 1953 and reigned till 2022. She will be succeeded by Prince Charles, the prince of Wales.

Queen Elizabeth Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth had a net Worth of £14.3 billion as of 2022. Her finances were issues of speculation by many people around the world.

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