Reine Swart Net Worth, Height, Weight, Instagram, Movies, TV Shows

Reine Swart
Reine Swart

Reine Swart is a famous movie director, writer and actress from South Africa. Reine has featured in many movies with Afrikaans surf film Die Pro of 2015 being one of the most popular movies.

Reine Swart has been on the screens for about 13 years playing a major role in the South African arts and entertainment industry. She began acting professionally in 2009 and has been active to date. Her hard work has been rewarded with several awards and honors both in South Africa and on the international level.

Reine Swart Net Worth

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Reine Swart has a net worth of $2 million in estimation. This wealth is attributed to her career as an actress and director among other things she does. She is considered one of the rich female directors and actors on the African Continent.


Reine Swart Height

Reine Swart is quite tall. She has a height of 6 ft 8 inches which is equivalent to 204.0 cm.

Reine Swart Weight

Reine Swart is not slim and has a naturally slender body. She weighs about 110 lbs which is equivalent to 70 kilograms.

Reine Swart Instagram

Reine Swart is on Instagram with a verified account and over 12k followers. You can check  out on @ reineswart

Reine Swart Movies and Tv Shows

Reine Swart is famous for her movies. She has starred and featured in popular movies such as Triggered, Nation, Heks, Lullaby among others.



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