Rotational Nurses and Midwives Association Cry Over 11 months unpaid allowances

Nursing trainees protesting
Nursing trainees protesting

The Rotational Nurses and Midwives Association (RNMA) has raised serious concerns over the government’s failure to pay its members’ allowances during their mandatory one-year service, which officially ends in July. The Association laments that this situation has inflicted untold hardship on its members, exacerbating their already challenging circumstances.

In a strongly-worded statement, the Association expressed disappointment at the government’s neglect, asserting that nurses and midwives who have been posted to serve are suffering from hunger and immense frustration due to the non-payment of their allowances.

“The Nurses and Midwives who have been diligently serving during their service year are now facing dire circumstances,” the Association stated.

This dire situation is not limited to unpaid service allowances alone. The RNMA highlighted that the 2023 batch of nurses and midwives is also owed eleven months of unpaid student trainees allowances.


“The July 2022 year batch of Rotational Nurses And Midwives have completed their one-year service without receiving any financial support from the government,” the statement read.

Furthermore, the 2023 January batch has endured seven months of service without any allowance payment, leaving them to struggle for their survival while dutifully serving the country.

The Association expressed disappointment at the apparent lack of priority given to the health sector in the country. Nurses and Midwives, who play a crucial role in the healthcare system, feel demotivated and underappreciated due to the government’s failure to fulfill its obligations.

“If we are not adequately motivated as Nurses and Midwives in this country, and if we are left to suffer, how can we not consider seeking better opportunities elsewhere?” the Association questioned.

The RNMA’s statement reflects the frustration and growing discontent among its members over the government’s inability to provide timely and essential financial support during their service year. Nurses and Midwives are indispensable pillars of the healthcare system, and their welfare and morale should be a top priority.

The Association calls on the government to urgently address the situation and fulfill its obligations by paying the outstanding allowances owed to nurses and midwives. Failure to do so risks exacerbating the already dire situation and driving talented healthcare professionals to seek opportunities abroad, which could have adverse consequences for the nation’s healthcare system.

As the RNMA advocates for its members’ rights, it hopes that the government will take swift action to address these concerns and prioritize the well-being and motivation of the dedicated healthcare workers serving the country.



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