Russia’s attacks on Ukraine: Why is USA, others afraid to attack Russia?


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced an intensive military attack on Ukraine.

The West (USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain thus NATO) seems to be threatening ‘stubborn’ Russia but it seems their numerous sanctions yield no results.

Reasons Russia attacks Ukraine

The West is in support of Ukraine because they are with hopes of Ukraine joining NATO (military forces of European giants), so they’re doing everything they can to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

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We must not forget that Russia that seems to be a threat to NATO is a great friends of China and North Korea (who are also great fighters), so if the US and other allies come to support Ukraine, China and North Korea will also come to support Russia.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin announces military operations in Ukraine

This is a major reason USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain thus NATO are afraid to attack Russia in a Russia-Ukraine Conflict.


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