Sam George discloses how he retained his Ningo-Prampram seat for NDC in the December 2020 Polls

Hon. Samuel Nartey George
Hon. Samuel Nartey George

The Member of Parliament for the Ningo-Prampram Hon. Samuel Nartey George has disclosed his campaign strategies on how he managed to retain his seat for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 2020 Polls.

According to Sam George, this has been one heck of a campaign season. Narrating the plans, he said, “I challenged myself like never before this year to achieve the unthinkable. I pushed my team, #TeamDzata far and beyond this campaign season. We suffered betrayals, disertions and setbacks but we also achieved outstanding success and victory. They are simply the best!”

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He revealed that, he had made a few promises to his Party and Flagbearer and the Team have delivered.

“We promised to increase the margin of victory from 10,000+ votes in 2016 to at least 20,000 in 2020. I launched #OperationGap20000 in furtherance of this objective. We delivered a margin of victory of 28,750 votes in the Parliamentary and 30,904 in the Presdential polls. We not only met but exceeded greatly our target. Promise kept!” He said.

Mr. Sam George added that, “We  promised to double our Parliamentary votes gotten from 2016. We delivered an increase from 23,860 in 2016 to 48,661 votes. This represents a 103.94% increase in our Parliamentary votes. We not only met but exceeded our target. Promise kept!”

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“We promised to secure 50,000 votes in the Presidential elections for President John Dramani Mahama. We increased his vote tally from 26,116 in 2016 to 49,376 votes in 2020. We fell short by 624 votes. We achieved 99% of our target. Promise kept!”

“We promised to ensure that the Eastern corridor comprising Kpone-Katamanso, Shai-Osudoku, Ada, Sege and Ningo-Prampram remained secured and safe for the NDC. My Team and I dedicated ourselves to working towards this goal especially as the NPP Regional Chairman comes from Sege and w as bent on making inroads. We secured all 5 seats with our Comrades in the Eastern corridor. Promise kept!”

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The MP again sad, he made a promise to protect the people of Ningo-Prampram from any acts of violence and intimidation from the machinery of State led by criminals who had been sacked from the Police Service but who have found solace in the Presidency. They came touting their guns, we stood up to them with the conviction in our hearts and the determination of our willpower to resist the oppressor’s rule. They came, we saw them, we overcame them. We delivered a largely peaceful election. Promise kept!

“I remain grateful to my team, #TeamDzata, and all who worked with us in diverse ways. You are the true heroes of these historic feats. I went up against the establishment and defeated them for one with God is majority. I am His #BattleAxe.”

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