Sedhiou stadium to be named after Sadio Mane for match-winning penalty

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane

News coming in have confirmed that, Sadio Mane is to have a stadium named after him for African Cup of Nations (AFCON2021) match-winning penalty.

According to the available information, the stadium will be named after him in his home city of Sedhiou after inspiring Senegal to their historic Africa Cup of Nations success in Cameroon.

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Adboulaye Diop, the Mayor of Sedhiou has announced the town’s new football stadium will bear Sadio Mane’s name.

The African icon will be honored in Sedhiou, the region of his birth, when the new stadium under construction will be named after him according to Mayor, Abdoulaye Diop.

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In a statement, Adboulaye Diop, the Mayor of Sedhiou said “I would like, through this decision to give the name of Sadio Mane to the Sedhiou stadium, to translate the recognition of all the worthy sons of the region.”

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“Sadio Mane honoured Senegal, the region of Sedhiou and all of Casamance. Mane amply deserves this gift.”

The future Stade Sadio Mane is due to open next year.



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