Seek justice for 3 Tadi girls, 7 Kumasi boys, others and leave Floyd alone – A Plus fires Akufo-Addo

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Former musician turned politician Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus has shown a great disappointment in the government of Ghana for holding a ceremony in Ghana in honor of George Floyd who was ‘murdered’ in America by some police officers.

A Plus has stated that, President Nana Akufo-Addo’s government has failed to tell Ghanaians about the killing of seven (7) unarmed Kumasi boys but busily interested in organizing a ceremony in honour of George Floyd who suffered similar death.

“Government of Ghana is holding a ceremony in honor of George Floyd but government has not been able to tell us why police shot and killed 7 unarmed Zongo boys in Kumasi and what has become of the investigation because Zongo lives don’t matter.” He said.

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According to A Plus, three (3) Ghanaian girls went missing in Takoradi but President Akufo-Addo’s government failed to rescue them, nevertheless has he organize a ceremony in honour of the missing girls. He expressed worry by saying that, the president neglected them because their lives are not needed. “3 girls went missing in Takoradi but we didn’t hold a ceremony to honor them because Takoradi lives don’t matter.” He explained with much worry.

A plus also added that, there was unarmed Ghanaian citizen who was shot dead by a police officer on duty at Ashaiman during the Coronavirus pandemic partial lockdown but the president and his government failed to sympathize and show solidarity with the bereaved family by seeking justice for him, because his life does not matter. ‘Unarmed man was shot and killed at Ashaiman during the lockdown but Ashaiman lives don’t matter.” He added.

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He again said, there are numerous and serious incidents apart from George Floyed’s case but Nana Akufo-Addo’s government clearly neglected them and only interested in organizing a ceremony in honour of George’s death.

“70 Ghanaians died in one accident at Kintampo. We didn’t hold an event to honor them. We didn’t even do DNA to identity those who were burnt beyond recognition so that their families could give them a befitting burial. We just dug a mass grave and pushed all of them into it. That was the end. Today we are holding a ceremony in Ghana to honor George Floyd. But this same government sent police to brutalize peaceful protesters in Adenta who were protesting for a foot bridge. Ghanaians are not blacks. Their lives don’t matter!!! One day all of us will know who really cares about this country and it’s people. May God grant all of us long life!!! He further explained.

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