Simple steps on how to get your lost or missing Ghana card

Ghana Card
Ghana Card

The Ghana card registration which started somewhere in June, 2018 has received massive attendance from the public and is even more gaining much attention due to its usefulness per National Identification Authority (NIA) public releases.

That notwithstanding, the mass registration in 2019/2020 came with a lot of frustration to the ordinary citizenry and majority of Ghanaians are yet to receive their Ghana card close to two years of registration.

The ECOWAS identity card which is known in the Ghanaian parlance as “Ghana Card” has come to replace all other national ID cards such as; the voter’s card, national health insurance card and travelling passport.


Bank of Ghana directs use of Ghana Card for all Financial Transactions


The primary purpose of the Ghana card is to allow citizens to use it to access all services in the country, including even travelling within the West African sub-region.

In due time, it will be the only valid ID for application for a bank account, passport, telephone number, driver’s license and what have.

NIA outlines 14 new mandatory uses of Ghana Card


The following simple steps will be of great help to you to get your lost or missing Ghana card.

1. Visit any nearby police station and report your missing Ghana card.

2. The next thing is that you will be given a police extract.

3. Take the police extract giving to you to any of the following National Identification Authority (NIA) Offices; the district office where you did your Ghana card registration or the NIA head office in Accra.

Steps on how to link your Ghana Card and NHIS Card

3. No need of an affidavit here. Kindly take note of this after you have done the following steps above.

4. You can book an online appointment on the NIA official website when you plan of going to the head office for the replacement of your lost Ghana Card instead of going to the district office where you did your Ghana card registration.

5. You have to book this appointment with NIA because is being run on appointment bases.

6. The replacement comes with a cost of GH¢ 30 for the reprinting of a new Ghana card for you.

7. For those who are yet to receive their Ghana card after they have gone through the process successfully, they should hold on to this; just be patient and know that you will definitely receive your card because is still with NIA.



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