Sogakope, Keta, Akatsi, Adidome, Dabala, Anloga and its environs to experience power outages – ECG

ECG - Filed photo
ECG - Filed photo

The Ghana Grid Company of Ghana (GRIDCo) has announced a power outages schedule for some towns in the Volta Region and its environs.

In the notice served to all cherished customers and the general public dated 20th December, 2022, the company announced that they will undertake emergency maintenance works at Sogakope Bulk Supply Point, Volta Region.

The maintenance work will interrupt the power supply in some neighborhoods on Wednesday, 21st December, 2022 ONLY.


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Maintenance time

The maintenance works as announced will commence at 9:00 am and end at 2:00 pm.

Areas to be affected

The areas to be affected are as follows:

1. Sogakope

2. Keta

3. Akatsi

4. Adidome

5. Dabala

6. Anloga and it’s environs.

In addition, GRIDCo said any inconvenience that will arise as a result of the outage is deeply regretted.

Natives of the above-listed towns and its environs are entreated to take note of the schedule and plan the day adequately taking power supply into consideration.



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