Situational report on flood at Gamenu making life unbearable for residents

GAMENU Community
GAMENU Community

Some parts of the GAMENU Community in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region got flooded making life unbearable for people living in those affected areas.

The flood started about a week ago which is affecting education in the community.

Report available to indicates that children can no longer walk through the muddy roads connecting their School.

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According to the Secretary of the Gamenu Concerned Citizens Seyram Glah, towns like Hawui, Kedzi, Aveta, Gbadagbatorkor, Atoprakpo and Agbogbome were most affected ones since they live at flood prone areas.

This had affected economic activities since people cannot go out for fishing, trapping (trapping crabs🦀) and other economic activities in the area for the fear of loosing their lives.

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Those living at Gbadagbatorkor cannot sleep since the flood started for the fear that buildings could collapse on them, especially the “mud Houses”.

Concerned Citizens of the GAMENU Community are appealing to authorities, especially National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to come to their aid.



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