Former TTAG Women’s Commissioner selected among top 23 finalists for Ghana Teacher Prize

Stella Gyimmaah Larbi
Stella Gyimmaah Larbi

A former National Women’s Commissioner of the Teacher Trainees’Association of Ghana (TTAG) madam Stella Gyimaah Larbi has been selected among top 23 finalists of Ghana Teachers Prize 2022.

She was selected as one of the outstanding teachers from Adenta Community Junior High School in the Adenta Municipal of the Greater Accra Region under Teaching Category for this year’s Ghana Teacher Prize.

Stella Gyimaah Larbi is a proud Teacher, Trainer, Youngsters and Teachers Development Consultant, International Keynote Speaker and a Writer.

Stella Gyimaah Larbi is the founder of “Youngsters and Teachers Hub”.  Her works include  teaching, consultancy, training, inspiring sessions, grooming and assisting to create strategies in the area of youngsters and teacher development.

She runs “Skills on the go” an innitiative to push women and girls. Gyimaah’s work as a teacher started after her graduation from the Presbyterian Women’s College of Education, Aburi.

Her leadership skills started as a College President, EGA Vice Secretary in 2009 and National Women’s Commissioner in 2010.

In 2020, she won the Outstanding Teacher in the Adentan District. In 2021, she was part of the Global Teacher Awardees.

She is also a Global Schools Advocate and mentor. Stella Gyimaah Larbi is a researcher and makes presentation on issues in the classroom.


She believes the foundation of a person is key to future success and everybody can make a change positively when the right values, skills and knowledge are acquired.

Stella Gyimaah Larbi’s drive is to help uplift the gift in others; to dedicate fully when need be; to learn and come out with theoretical and practical innovations to change the face  of learning.

Stella Gyimaah Larbi has over 10 years of teaching and inspiring young people. She is a professionally certified teacher and trainer, and women in leadership Certified personnel from the University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa.

Gyimaah has a degree in English and an MPHIL in the Teaching of English as a Second Language from the University of Education Winneba and the University of Ghana, Legon.

Stella Gyimaah Larbi is married with 3 kids as of 2022.

Gyimaah’s areas of expertise are:

1. Communication

2. Teaching English

3. Teacher development and strategy innovation

4. Youngsters Grooming and Career guidance

5. Mentorship and Motivational speaking

She authored “Girls’ and Ladies’ Greatness Guide”, “Getting the Grades” and “Beyond Today



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