Stop Endangering lives of Ghanaians – Literacy Ambassadors Ghana cautions EC

The Chief Executive Officer of Literacy Ambassadors Ghana has called on the Electoral Commissioner to keep to its promises made to Ghanaians concerning ensuring all safety protocols against COVID-19 at the registration centers prior to the start of the mass registration exercise across the country.

Mr. Mathias Tulasi has said so as a reaction to what he witnessed at the various registration centers he visited yesterday within the Volta Region.

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently having a significant adverse impact on our economy as a nation. As such, government is seen implementing some fiscal measures in order to mitigate the adverse effect and provided some relief for businesses and households etc.

It is therefore, imperative and prudent on our part as a nation to act responsibly in order to get out of it quickly in order for things to become normal. It is very shocking as a nation we have not learnt lessons from how the partial lockdown was poorly implemented.

The same poor handling of issues started yesterday at most registration centers across the country which is problematic. Some centers do not even have a thermometer gun to the check the temperature of registrants before them entering the centers. This is contrary to what the EC itself outlined.

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Issues concerning social distancing nothing good to write home about across the country. The Electoral Commission promised the citizenry concerning ensuring all safety protocols. Why are they not adhering to their own protocols outlined concerning social distancing? The lives of the people are very important and must be protected.


The reason why the citizenry said the new ID Card was needless but they were bent on it. Let us all be reminded that according to Dr Badu Sarkodie the Director of Public Health Services 91% infected Ghanaians do not develop symptoms.

This according to him calls for the need for regular hand washing and the need for all Ghanaians to use protective mechanisms including wearing nose masks and observing social distancing in order to prevent infections. The way issues of social distancing was not ensured by EC officials is a sign of insensitivity to the plight of Ghanaians.

They should not let their decision to go ahead with the mass registration exercise be a means of spreading the COVID-19 pandemic the more. I am also urging the media to continue to educate the public on the need to observe the safety public protocols while taking part in the exercise so that our COVID-19 cases do not escalate.

The agents of the various political parties must make sure the exercise remains peaceful across the country and all Ghanaians who are qualified must come out in their numbers in order to massively register so as to vote come 7th December, 2020. To conclude, the public should be informed that nobody should be in Blue attire to the registration exercise. This is because the background material for picture taking is blue. If you do, you will be told to go home and change your attire.


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