Tamale SHS wins Northern Zonal Championship of NSMQ 2022

Tamale Senior High School
Tamale Senior High School

Tamale Senior High School has won the Northern Zonal Championship contests of the 2022 NSMQ.

The Tamale SHS emerges winners after beating Kanton SHS and Nandom SHS in keenly contested competition.

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) 2022 for the Northern Zone was made up of Northern, North East, and Savannah region.


However, right from the Regional Qualifiers competition, a lot of schools participated with excellent performances.

Some school sailed successfully to the Zonal, won and represented in the Semi-finals.

The Northern Semi-final stage competition was held on 12th May, 2022.

Six (6) schools that were successful from the Northern Zonal Championship competition sat for the Semi-final stage competition.

Below are the scores from the two (2) Semi-final stages:



Kanton SHS: 24
Navrongo SHS: 19
Nalerigu SHS: 14


Northern Zonal Championship semi-finals stage


Tamale SHS: 48
Nandom SHS: 33
Tamale Islamic Science SHS: 19

The Semi-finals competition was a striking game between the six (6) schools that qualified from the National Qualifiers successfully.


At the end of the Semi-final 1 which featured three (3) schools, Kanton SHS took the lead with 24 points, Navrongo SHS followed with 19 points and Nalerigu SHS 14 points.

It means that Kanton SHS led with 6 points.


1. Nandom SHS
2. Kanton SHS
3. Tamale SHS

Northern Zonal Championship-Final contest

The Northern Zonal Championship-Final Contest was battled between Tamale SHS, Kanton SHS, and Nandom SHS.

The winner, Tamale SHS beat Kanton SHS with a difference of 3 points, Kanton also outsmart Nandom, the last school with a double point of Tamale’s difference.

It means that, the difference between the second school and the third is greater than the winner’s difference.

Below is the results of the final Contest.

Tamale SHS: 33
Kanton SHS: 30
Nandom SHS: 24

Congratulations to Tamale SHS!

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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