Teachers eulogize ‘The Education Watchman’ Mr. Kofi Asare for his fight to make education better in Ghana

Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch
Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch
Some Teachers in the country have eulogized Mr. Kofi Asare for his contribution towards education in the country.

Mr. Kofi Asare is the executive director of African Education Watch a non  governmental organization which have been championing for good education reforms in the country.

According to the teachers, Mr. Kofi Asare and his organization have put the managers of education in the country on their toes do perform their duties to help fine tune public education in Ghana.

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Below are some comments from some teachers eulogizing Mr. Kofi Asare. 

  • I know the way you’ve been fighting for us.
  • Kofi Asare you are doing well for the People’s Republic of Umuofia ( PRU).
    Some of us have given up on PRU and its leaders.
  • Kofi you have spoken my deepest worry…I cant fathom why every payment from Govt delays..most a time its not an issue of no money but bureaucracies n process of law we have Instituted…example when u are paid through bank of Ghana u need wait 5 days before u can cash it…..nss nabco and so many all delay cos of these bureaucracies.
  • Bra Kofi Asare , Ghanaian school children( especially those in our rural areas) and the entire teaching fraternity thank u for your advocacies. God bless you

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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