Teachers make list of things GES must Fix to improve teaching and learning

A Ghanaian teacher teaching pupils
A Ghanaian teacher teaching pupils

Ghanaian Teachers across the Country have expressed disappointment and frustrations over Ghana Education Service (GES) policy implementation at the teaching profession.

The teachers across all Sectors from Basic level through to tertiary level believe that, the Government of Ghana through the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education do not take the plight of Ghanaian Teachers serious in this twenty first century.

The teachers said, over the years, the Sector responsible for their welfare, well-being, conditions of service, quality education and professionalism of education in Ghana has performed abysmally.

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The teachers registered their frustrations following the meager 4% salary increament for Civil Servants across the country and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s statement that said, teachers should do other things to be rich, because teaching is not meant to make teachers millionaire.

Though, the teachers are not happy with their job security and the president’s statement, they believe the teaching profession could be made better and attractive if the government of Ghana through their employer thus; Ghana Education Service take the step to fix certain challenge confronting quality education in Ghana.

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In a statement copied to Coverghana.com.gh, some of the Teachers made a tall list of things they want Ghana Education Service (GES) to Fix in order to improve teaching and learning.

They want GES to;

1. fix beaurocracy and corruption at all GES Offices.

2. fix teachers accomodations issues especially in deprived areas.

3. recognize Masters degree rank in GES.

4. supply approved and standard teaching and learning resources especially textbooks to all schools.

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5. abolish pen written lesson notes, since it’s an outdated method of assessing the teacher.

6. avoid denying teachers promotion and upgrade. The situation they believe is demotivating and frustrating them.

7. eliminate all schools under trees thereby building standard classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories for schools.

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8. effectively implement allowances and other benefits for teachers. They said, the existing benefits only look good on paper and not in reality.

9. assist Head teachers with new age technologies like computers and printers in their offices to function properly.

10. construct offices for Circuit Supervisors (CSs) now School Improvement Support Officers (SISO) to help them function proper.

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11. supply latest furniture to schools to support the delivery of the new Curriculum since the outmoded dual desks do not conform with the introduction of the new curriculum.

12. pay the Ghanaian Teachers well to motivate him/her to effectively deliver the curriculum.

13. supply Teachers and schools with technological tools like computers and tablets to support teaching and learning.

14. to introduce strict monitoring,  supervision and discipline in schools to eliminate poor performance of public schools.

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15. relook at the criteria used to post newly trained teachers. According to them, teachers should be posted to schools considering the use of L1 in their classrooms.

16. introduce subject teaching in Basic Schools.

17. connect all schools to the national grid to allow free and constant flow of electricity to enhance teaching and learning.

18. introduce vehicle and house loan packages for teachers.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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