Test item formats for primary 4 National Standardised Test 2022

Students writing 2021 National Standardised Test
Students writing 2021 National Standardised Test

2022 National Standardised Test 

The 2022 National Standardised Test for Primary 4 students will be conducted across the country today, Friday, 16th December, 2022.

The nationwide test will be conducted in schools and some designated centres for primary four (4) students/learners.


NaCCA and GES have outlined the Test item format and guidelines for primary 4 National Standardised Test.

Test Item Format for Primary 4

1. The National Standardized Test for primary four (4) pupils/learners are Multiple Choice Items.

2. The duration is 1 hr 15 minutes per paper.

3. NaCCA again explained that, the test item for primary four (4) pupils will be administered in each school.

Primary Four (4) Test Overview – Mathematics and English Language

Oral Language 8
Reading 13
Grammar usage at word and phrase levels 11
Writing 3


Number 6
Algebra 12
Geometry and Trigonometry 10
Data 7


Mathematics Test Overview

1. Mathematics test is administered as the first test of the day for Primary 4.

2. Scannable Answer sheets will be used.

3. Each Students will be assigned a 4-digit Index Number beginning with 2 for Primary 2 and 4 for Primary 4.

4. Learners will use their test booklets to work out mathematical problems (no additional paper will be given).


5. Test Administrators will read the instructions and an example test item to the learners.

6. Test Administrators do not read any test items from the test booklet itself – only
from their TA script.

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English Listening Comprehension Test Overview

1. English Listening Comprehension is administered after the 30 minute break and is first of the English tests given.

2. For the Listening Comprehension, Test Administrators will:

– Read the instructions.

– Read an example test item and answer options aloud.

– Not read answer options during the actual test.

All parts of the English test (Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading and writing) are in one test booklet.

English Grammar Test Overview

1. Test Administrators will read only the instructions and an example test item to the learners.

2. Test Administrators do not read the test items to the learners aloud.

3. For the English Grammar, reading and writing test, learners will begin directly after the Listening Comprehension part of the test concludes.

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