THE BIG RELEASE: Simon El-Longwell declares his bid to join PUSAG Presidential race 2022

Simon El-Longwell Azialoho

Simon El-Longwell Azialoho

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Simon El-Longwell popularly known as ELS, a proud student of the Pentecost University has declared his bid to join the 2022 Presidential race of the Private University Association of Ghana (PUSAG).

ELS who is a proponent of the association officially declare his intent to contest this year’s PUSAG elections as President.

According to him, PUSAG has come to the bridge whereby they need a resolute, hardworking and unified voice spearheaded by a visionary leader in taking it to an even greater height and pedestrian. It is with this capacity and resolution that he come to solicit the votes and supports of everyone who matters in his bid to become PUSAG president.

Speaking to Chief-in-editor of Simon El-Longwell said, within the past few months, he has received calls and requests from ranks, relevant stakeholders, advisors, friends of ELS and distinguish brothers and sisters of the Private University Association of Ghana (PUSAG) to play a more important role within the vibrant association.

Indeed and unabatedly, he has listened to the clarion call, reflected solemnly and would like to humbly seek the mandate of the Private Students of Ghana and fraternity when nominations are duly opened.

He believes strongly that with his past leadership experience both local and international, network of counsellors and the sovereign Grace of God, the PUSAG New Face Agenda becomes surpassingly the strongest, greatest and domineering.

It is his vision to build a vibrant PUSAG that stands out and dominates all other students’ associations in welfare, initiatives and advocacy.

He has therefore appealed to all Private University Students to rally behind him for the tasks ahead.

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Simon El-Longwell Azialoho has been recommended by Alexander Kwadwo Nyarko, PhD Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Ghana.


Simon El-Longwell is passionate about creation and  leadership to other people and making their lives easier.

As a young man, he is very optimistic, innovative and vision driven man who believes that with the right sense of determinism, training and exposure, anyone can do exploits and contribute to nation and world building.

He is always striving to better himself and others around him. He is a positive change activist and an advocate for the rights of people in society.

Also, the PUSAG president hopeful is a devoted community volunteer with a heart to make a difference in people’s lives. He loves networking and learning new things from new places.


Simon El-Longwell has the following skills and interests;

• Leadership Skills

• Entrepreneurial Skills

• Negotiation and Lobbying Skills

• Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

• Good Interpersonal Relations and Networking Skills

• Good Oral, Writing and Communication Skills

• Creative and Innovative Skills

• Ability to Multitask

• Teamwork

• Microsoft Word and Excel

He explained that, his objectives and career is to be a driving force, an invaluable resource and asset to any esteemed Organization and or Body of Government, and to acquire further training and skills in the areas of Management, Administration, Governance, Diplomacy, International Relations and Law.

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  1. Great move. I believe strongly in his capabilities a little display in the corridors of Pentecost University speaks well of him. He is a lobbyist and a brave leader. I wish him all the best in this journey.

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