The Dinka tribe of South Sudan

Two 17-year-old Teenage guys from South Sudan have caused a stir on social media with their enormous heights after their pictures dropped and went viral. 

These teenagers are known to be from the Dinka tribe in South Sudan, which has some the tallest group of people in the world.

The Dinka tribe, largest tribe in South Sudan, is second tribe in Africa with the tallest humans you can ever find on earth after the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda, who are believed to be the tallest people in Africa. Dinkas are also widely known for their prowess in pastoral and millet farming.


The height of an average Dinka man can be twice or three times the height of an average ordinary man. In fact, the shortest person from Dinka might still be taller than a very tall person from other parts of the world.

Even though the tribe has a history of tall people from generations down to generations, many people believe that the height of the Dinka tribe is attributed to the fresh cattle milk they drink whilst undertaking their pastoral duties.



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