This is why you should be careful with poultry these days; Take Note

Poultry farm
Poultry farm

If you are a poultry farmer or someone who patronizes poultry products in Ghana, you need to be on the alert these days. Reports of the spread of a flu are tickling in from some regions in the country.

The Bono Regional Health Directorate of Agriculture says it is conducting a number of tests on poultry within the region to envision potential cases of Avian Influenza popularly known as Bird Flu.

The region has recently recorded cases of the Bird influenza with over 9,000 infected birds being destroyed within the previous couple of days alone, as a way to regulate the spread of the virus.


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In a monitored interview, the Bono Regional Veterinary Officer, Dr. Donald Joachim Darko, explained that his team is on the lookout for farms within the region that may record new cases.

“The first farm that had the outbreak was with 7,200 birds. The second farm had 2,270 birds, and we buried 10 bags of feed that were prepared at 40 kg each, and then 783 crates of eggs were also buried alongside the dead birds.”

“So in all, we have about 9,470 in question as we are talking. We took our security persons to the farms to seal the place so that people will not go in and out of the place. We have got a farm that we are suspecting, and we sent the sample yesterday [Sunday], and the people have told us that they have received the sample. That farm is having about 2,353 birds. If it is confirmed, then we will destroy all the birds”, he said.

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The Upper West, Greater Accra, Central, Ashanti, Volta, Western, and Western North Regions reported cases of the disease in 2021.

During the last irruption, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture declared a complete ban on the importation of poultry and poultry products from close countries wherever the prevalence of the disease was confirmed.



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