TM1 laptops distribution dates for KG, primary & study leave teachers and GES office staff

1TMI Laptop
TMI Laptop

TM1 laptops distribution dates for KG and primary school teachers, GES office staff and teachers on study leave with pay have been released.

One issue that has been of concern for the Pre-Tertiary Teacher Unions and their members (teachers) has to do with the distribution of the TM1 teacher’s laptop under the Government’s initiative of 1 Teacher 1 Laptop across the country.

After the deductions, teachers expected their laptops to be delivered sooner but things took a different turn and the laptop distribution took much longer than expected.


Also, when the distribution began, primary and kindergarten teachers were put on hold whilst their colleague teachers in Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools were served.

Overtime, this has triggered some level of concerns as teachers in primary schools keep probing the Government and authorities in charge on when to expect their own laptops.

Finally, the long wait is over and dates have been published for the distribution of the laptops for the outstanding number of teachers.

The dates and schedule for the next distribution are as follows:

1. 25th November – 30th December, 2022 : Nationwide distribution for KG and primary school teachers.

2. 10th January to 30th January, 2023: Nationwide distribution for Education Office Staff.

3. 5th February- 25th February, 2023 : Nationwide Mop up for teachers on study leave and supplementary list from the Ghana Education Service.



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