To err in election results collation is human and declare accurate results divine – Maxwell Lukutor frees his mind

Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.
Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.

The President of the Volta Regional Surveyors Association of Ghana, a member of the National Democratic Congress communications team and a former Parliamentary Candidate aspirant Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor says to err in election results collation is human and declare accurate results divine.

According to him, Ghana’s 2020 General  Election was held on the 7th of December and is leaving a lot of bitterness in the mouth of many who feel their votes did not count and a mixed reaction in some NPP faithfuls who deeply feel their party lost the election but cooked figures were churned out to declare the incumbent as President Elect.

“Ghana has held somewhat successful elections since the fourth Republic began in 1992.  On almost all occasions there were allegations of one candidate or another claiming being cheated in favour of another but never have we experienced such level of confusion and inconsistency being displayed by the current Electoral Commission (EC) Chair.”

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Mr. Maxwell Lukutor siad, “Is she just confirming the adage that, “coming events cast their shadows or that all animals run but when the bull (elephant) begins to run then madness is attributed to it?” Are we just giving Jean Adukwei Mensah, the EC boss, a bad name because we want to hang her or she is being a true daughter of her boss, the mother serpent of corruption from the Akyem forest reserve? I read about her poor academic profile and if it is true then she is really not to blame but her boss and her aunt, the first lady. No doubt she can’t do a simple algebra and calculate percentages correctly.”

“On assumption of office, the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo hatched the rigging plan. Charlotte Osei, the then EC boss was removed office as the base map to design the scheme. Mission was accomplished clandestinely. They then zoomed to load the supreme Court with their favorite lawyers and continued to do a new voters register so they can remove those whose votes they did not want counted (the “Ayigbe Togolese” ). This was done amidst the rampaging COVID-19 scare and against sound advice. More people registered than projected.  Mission failed.” He added.

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“The next plan was to intimidate voters from the strongholds of the opposition. They were met with verbal diarrhoea from all angles. Mission was then aborted and votes were cast peacefully and counting began. Results came and most of the NPP bigwigs like Buaben Asamoah through rising stars like Dr COVID Okoh Boye to MP3 Titus Shata Glover and many more succumbed to the anger of the citizenry against the blatant impunity, open opulence and gargantuan corruption  by the power drunk  Government. As many as 36 or so incumbent NPP MPs and other key government officials lost their seats. Their hold on majority in Parliament  fell so sharply under gravity from 169 to somewhere 136 or so. The elders say ‘ne anyigba xɔ dzo koa afɔ ŋtɔ lanya’… to wit it’s the foot that feels the heat when the ground is red hot.”

“Sensing danger, the last card was thrown in which was to alter some results in favor of the NPP. It worked temporarily and some results were overturned.  Luck however eluded them when results from the Regions didn’t match with what was being collated at the EC headquarters. Alarm was raised and the EC began changing figures here and there.”

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“The media didn’t help either since they were just behaving like electrical conduits passing power from one end of an appliance to the other. Before the election I knew all the major media houses recruited many hands across the country to help collate the results.  My expectation was for this fourth arm of Government to corroborate the ECs figures being displayed or challenge them based on their own collated results . What we heard rather was that they were supposedly induced and whipped into only copying from the EC whose data was also linked to a collation centre of the Elephant.
It’s pathetic that the powerful Papa J’s media I know, has also become so docile and tamed under the elephant like the headmasters of our Free Senior High Schools. “Who say man no dey?”


As usual you’ll hear them defending themselves. Its like the lion and the Zebra drinking water side by side from the pond. Anyway I leave it to their conscience. As said by Gbevlo Lartey lets all remember that the bullet knows no profession nor political colour or even the clerical. I heard the Christian or Peace council claiming they were attacked in trying to talk JM to accepting the results in the name of “peace”.  But the million dollar question is can there ever be peace without justice? Why are the councils not prevailing on the EC to call aggrieved parties to the table to audit their figures but just asking that JM accepts the results?  Did the Council not hear of the supposed rigging plan from day one. What did they do? Oh I heard Jean Mensah ever snubbed them when trying to get her to listen to IPAC or is it that they have rather replaced IPAC?

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He again said, “Why on earth was Jean Mensah in a hurry to declare a controversial result? A whole American election  results were declared after two or so weeks. Why was the declaration done secretly and recorded for broadcast?  The mantra now is “go to court, go to court”. Do you go to court  when you clearly see open calculated bias even prior to your going? “Bli ƒe nya medzɔna le koklowo de oh” meaning corn cannot win any case  in the court of fowls. Are we encouraging our EC bosses to make declarations with impunity without crossing their _’T’s_ and dotting their _’I’s_ . I see this trend repeating itself now and forever if proper remedy is not found to nib it in the bud. That will mean there is no need to conduct elections anymore.  The EC boss and the courts should just decide on our leaders for us period !!!”

He therefore call on all who are concerned about the well being of Ghana and Ghanaians to speak out against the ills of our society and ensure that order is restored in our land. “Ne veviedodo hia la miga wɔ ƒome o” synonymous to a stitch in time saves nine.”

“My  condolence to the several people who lost their lives because of the inactions of our state agencies and “trigger happy”  vigilantes within the security forces.”

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For those singing ” where is my Jonny” Question . Do you know JM?  JM go, JM come. …I implore them to keep calm and remain resolute waiting on leadership to give direction on the way forward.

Aluta continua !!!!!
We shall fight to protect our Democracy and resist every oppressor’s rule.



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