Top 10 allegations dispelled by IGP George Akuffo Dampare

IGP Dampare
IGP Dampare

Inspector-General of Police George Akuffo Dampare recently faced questioning from the Parliamentary Committee investigating the leaked tape allegedly plotting his removal from office.

Despite initial objections to the presence of three earlier witnesses, Dampare eventually testified, taking the opportunity to address various allegations made against him and the Ghana Police Service.

Here are the top 10 allegations he dispelled:

Police Service’s Relationship with Bugri Naabu:

Dampare firmly stated that there were no dealings or contracts between the Police Service and Chief Bugri Naabu.

Meetings with John Mahama:

He denied any meetings with former President John Mahama, emphasizing his commitment to professionalism and non-partisanship.

Worst IGP Tag:

Dampare rejected claims of being the “worst IGP,” emphasizing that such allegations lacked substantiation and were unhelpful.

Running a One-Man Show:

He clarified that the Police Service was not about one person but an institution with governance and management structures, and decisions were made collectively.

Product of Political Lobbying:

Dampare attributed his career advancement solely to his competencies, academic qualifications, and hard work, denying any political favoritism.

Behind Recording and Leak of Viral Tape:

He refuted allegations that he contracted Bugri Naabu to record his colleagues, stressing that the focus should be on those involved in the leaked tape.

Recused Himself from Interdiction Process:

Dampare stated that he was not part of the decision to interdict or de-interdict anyone and that the Police Council handled the matter in his absence.

IGP Cannot Decide Who Becomes President:

He emphasized that election outcomes were determined by the people, with all stakeholders playing crucial roles.

Indiscriminate Targeting of Politicians:

Dampare clarified that he was not personally involved in apprehending politicians for traffic offenses; these actions were carried out by respective officers in accordance with the law.

Withholding Promotions:

He affirmed his commitment to fairness, stating that he and his colleagues on the appointment and promotion board worked as a team and would not deprive anyone of their promotion.

Dampare expressed readiness to address allegations and maintain transparency, despite the challenges he faced. His testimony aimed to dispel the cloud of uncertainty surrounding his leadership and the Police Service in Ghana.


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