UEW announces new Academic Calendar for Sandwich students – Check Details

University of Education, Winneba (UEW)
University of Education, Winneba (UEW)

The Division of Academic Affairs of the University of Education, Winneba has announced a new Academic Calendar for all Sandwich Students.

According to Management of the University, all 2021 Sandwich students of the University, Sandwich Session will begin in September 2021 and end in November 2021.

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The detailed Calendar announced by the University include the following.

1. The 2021 Sandwich Session will commence on Sunday, 26th September, 2021 and end on Saturday, 20th November, 2021.

2. The 2021 S andwich Session will be conducted in blended mode; four (4) weeks of online interactions and four (4) weeks of Face-To-Face. Students will come to campus to complete the session.


3. The period for the online interaction is from 26th September to 24th October, 2021.

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4. The face-to-face interaction is scheduled to start from Sunday, 24th October to Saturday, 20th November, 2021.

5. Videos of how to register and enroll on a course will be made available for the students to access.

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6.The link for the online portal will also be made available to students in due course.

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